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 Fairy Tail Guilds

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PostSubject: Fairy Tail Guilds   Mon Dec 19, 2016 1:23 pm

Fairy tail Guilds and their guild masters:

Fairy tail
Makarov Dreyar (open)

Sting Eucliffe (open)

Twilight Ore
Banaboster (open)

Lamia Scale
Ooba Babasaama (open)

Blue Pegasus
Bob (open)

Quatro Cerberus
Goldmine (open)

Mermaid Heel

Titan Nose

Orochi's Fin

Phoenix Grave


Dullahan Head

Dwarf Gear


Hound Holy

Mount Altana Guild

Southern Wolves

Love & Lucky

Sylph Labyrinth
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Fairy Tail Guilds
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